Lessons on trombone, euphonium, tenor horn, tuba, cornet, trumpet and all brass band instruments

Derek teaching a student to play thecornet

Derek Moule has extensive experience teaching private brass students and conducting and teaching in band programs. Prior to moving to Port Macquarie, he was the musical director of the Bundaberg Municipal Band. He also writes music and educational material, including music for brass instruments and piano and a series of beginner books for various instruments. Lesson sheets are provided free of charge to all beginner students.

Derek has previously been the Band Association of NSW's open bass trombone champion. His first brass instrument was the tuba and he also regularly performs on cornet. He has teaching experience on the full range of brass band instruments.

Derek believes enjoyment is critical for learning and continuously explores new ways to make learning fun. To help younger students learn and gain maximum enjoyment from lessons, lessons are broken up into smaller chunks with musical games designed to consolidate the skills they are learning, and fun duets with the teacher. Derek likes to utilise technology during lessons and has written music computer games that students can play at home online to reinforce skills learnt during lessons.

Tromodometer online trombone slide position game

Creative Kids Programs

Use a Creative Kids voucher (available at no cost from the NSW government) to have your first 4 lessons covered fully under the voucher! Continuing students can use the voucher towards term fees. Find out more about my Creative Kids programs.

Lesson fees - half hour lessons

$288 per school term. Weekly lessons, 8 per term.

If 2 or more lessons are taught together in the one location, a lower rate of $280 per term will be charged.

Longer lessons, one-off lessons etc by negotiation.

A 10% discount applies for seniors / carers card holders.

Phone: 0404431022

For all enquiries email: derek (at) noteburra DoT com

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